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As an avid tennis player, I am constantly looking for fun clothing to wear on the court. I have been able to find fun and colorful skirts, but not as many fun UPF (sun protection) tops and tank tops. So.... of course, I decided to design my own. It has been extremely fun to incorporate tennis balls, flowers, tennis racquets, tennis courts, and much more!
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Cayman Brac, one of the three Cayman Islands, is a well-kept secret. It's my absolute favorite for hiking and cave adventures. Loaded with brown booby birds and frigates and so many more bird varieties, it's a true bird paradise. I'm a land-lover, and not a sea lover (Brac has amazing diving, I'm told), so I love hiking on the bluff, rock climbing, and "rock hopping" on Long Beach.
It's a bird sanctuary with a bird symphony. Red-winged blackbirds, blue herons, roseate spoonbills, sandhill cranes, and so many more! It's a 3.5 mile trail (only 1 small shaded spot, so make sure to wear a hat if you go). You'll see lots of lazy gators as well... and maybe even wild cracker horses!
I'm constantly searching for new botanical gardens, and was definitely not disappointed while visiting Niagra Falls. They have a gorgeous botanical garden- I highly recommend!
The Catalina Mountains in Arizona are absolutely stunning. Join me (through pictures) as I hike.
Arizona -- the perfect opposite of swampy Florida. The cactus blooms are beautiful!


So many gorgeous views!
Welcome to SP Fine Prints Photographic Art by Susannah Peddie The world is brought to you! Flowers that don't need watering, animals that can't bite, water that won't get you wet, scenes that require no passport, food that has no calories.
We are always excited to be featured on any art website, especially a website so wonderful curated. Thank you, Wall & Willow!
We are always excited to be featured on any art website, especially a website so wonderful curated. Thank you, Wall & Willow!
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Fun and Quirky Affordable Art Available at Wall & Willow. Each piece is printed on a museum quality canvas and is ready to hang as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.
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After attending a retreat in Rome, Georgia, I was inspired by the knowledge and wisdom of my fellow attendees- they were able to easily relate certain passages with certain situations. In my own way, this is how I'll be able to memorize them and use them when I need them.
This next set of blog updates will focus on Gardens from around the world, so this section will probably take a few weeks.  This first featured garden is the Central Park Conservatory Garden.  This gorgeous and peaceful garden is an oasis in the big city.  It's located in the northeast of Central Park.  Be sure to visit each time you go to NYC as the flowers change with the seasons so it's like going to a brand new garden each time.
10 more images to help appreciate the beauty of nature and to bring peace and relaxation.
10 images that will hopefully bring a sense of peace.
The goal is to share 10 images per day that fit the topic of the week.  This week is Peaceful Images.  Enjoy!